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Sports Physicals Specialist

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Sports participation is a great way for your child to stay physically active and learn how to work as part of a team. To register with a sports organization, your child likely needs a sports physical, like those offered at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC in Ashburn, Virginia and Stone Ridge, Virginia. Umesh Kodu, MD, provides comprehensive sports physicals to satisfy team requirements and ensure your child is healthy enough to compete. Schedule your child’s sports physical online or by calling the Penguin Pediatrics PLLC office.

Sports Physicals Q & A

Why does my child need a sports physical?

A sports physical offers the team at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC an opportunity to examine your child’s overall health and ensure they are able to safely participate in the sport of their choice.

The team evaluates your child’s physical health to ensure there are no underlying health issues that might interfere with their ability to play or put them at increased risk for injury.

What happens during a sports physical?

There are two primary parts of a sports physical. Initially, the team at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC reviews your child’s medical history. It’s important you provide as much information as possible concerning your child’s health, such as existing medical issues, previous injuries, and any medications your child currently takes.

You also need to answer questions about your child’s family history or certain conditions, such as diabetes and asthma.

The team then performs a physical examination of your child, checking their height, weight, and blood pressure. They evaluate the health of your child’s heart, lungs, ears, and throat and check for abnormalities in their abdomen.

How is a sports physical different from a school physical?

The biggest difference in the physical examination for sports participation is the evaluation of your child’s strength and flexibility.

The team at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC performs a comprehensive test of your child’s joint movements, posture, and muscle strength to ensure they are capable of participating in sports activity.

During the appointment, the team also discusses the dangers of drugs, including steroids, with regard to performance in sports. They can also provide you and your child with recommendations for a healthy diet and proper hydration during sports-related activities.

If your child passes the physical exam, the team completes the required paperwork your child needs for registration with the sports organization.

What if my child doesn’t pass the sports physical?

If the team at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC discovers an underlying medical issue that may interfere with your child’s sports participation, they may recommend a follow-up examination. In some cases, they may provide a referral to a specialist if they feel your child needs physical therapy or further treatment.

In the event your child needs a specialist referral, it doesn’t mean they can never play sports again. The team at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC and the specialist can work together on a treatment plan, with a goal to get your child back on the field in the best shape possible.

To schedule a sports physical, contact Penguin Pediatrics PLLC by phone or use the online booking feature.

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