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Hearing And Vision Screenings Specialist

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

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Early assessment of children’s eyes and ears is important for keeping them healthy. At Penguin Pediatrics PLLC in Ashburn, Virginia and Stone Ridge, Virginia, Umesh Kodu, MD, offers comprehensive in-office vision and hearing screenings to identify potential problems as early as possible. The Penguin Pediatrics PLLC team can also provide referrals for specialists to protect your child’s early vision and hearing to ensure success in school and other activities. Learn more about the benefits of early hearing and vision screenings by calling the office or booking online.

Hearing and Vision Screenings Q & A

When does my child need a hearing and vision screening?

To ensure your child is on track developmentally, the team at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC recommends hearing and vision screenings starting from your child’s third birthday, with yearly checkups. They may also suggest earlier assessments for infants if there’s a history of vision or hearing problems in your immediate family, or if your child has underlying medical issues that can affect hearing and vision.

These screenings are important to evaluate your child’s ability to hear and see as they grow and to identify potential problems that may later interfere with school and other activities.

Certain northern Virginia schools also require proof of routine hearing and vision screenings as part of the enrollment process.

What’s involved in hearing and vision screenings for children?

During a vision screening, the Penguin Pediatrics PLLC team evaluates your child’s visual ability using age-appropriate tests. Even if your child is too young to participate in visual tests, the team can administer tests that assess how well your child can focus on objects close up and far away. The team also examines your child’s eyes for misalignment issues.

The hearing assessment allows the team to check the overall health of your child’s ears. They evaluate the ear canal and also examine your child’s head and neck to identify any structural abnormalities that can affect hearing.

In older children, the team may administer a noninvasive hearing test, where children wear headphones and identify a range of sounds.

What if my child has vision or hearing issues?

The Penguin Pediatrics PLLC staff keeps records of all your child’s hearing and vision screenings to establish a baseline to compare to the most recent testing results.

If any of the screenings indicate your child may have hearing or vision issues, the team may request additional testing or perform a more thorough examination.

Because routine screenings help identify problems in the early stages, the team can refer you and your child to a specialist for early medical intervention. They also work closely with the specialist, monitoring your child’s health and collaborating on a treatment plan to prevent vision or hearing loss.

To schedule a pediatric hearing and vision assessment, call the Ashburn office directly or use the online booking tool.

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