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ADD And ADHD Specialist

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

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Children with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often struggle to keep up at school and at home. Umesh Kodu, MD, offers comprehensive and compassionate care for children who struggle with impulse control and behaviors at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC in Ashburn, Virginia and Stone Ridge, Virginia. The caring team offers diagnostic testing and treatment resources to help you and your child manage ADD and ADHD symptoms effectively and ensure your child’s health. Learn more about the benefits of ADD and ADHD assessments by calling the office directly or booking an appointment online.

ADD and ADHD Q & A

What are ADD and ADHD?

Attention deficit disorder is a common childhood condition that results in having trouble focusing and being easily distracted.

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder also have difficulties staying still and are prone to acting impulsively.

What causes ADD and ADHD?

While the exact cause for these conditions is not well understood, ADD and ADHD may result from a combination of factors, including genetics.

A child may also be at higher risk for developing ADD and ADHD if they have a history of exposure to certain environmental hazards, such as lead paint, or have issues with their central nervous system during developmental phases of their childhood.

What are the symptoms of ADD and ADHD?

Difficulty focusing is a key symptom of ADD and ADHD. Your child may also display issues like frequent forgetfulness, inability to follow directions, and difficulty staying organized.

Children with ADHD may also have difficulties controlling their impulses. This may result in symptoms like:

  • Excessive talking
  • Constant fidgeting
  • Difficulty playing quietly
  • Constantly interrupting others

Additionally, your child may show signs of low self-esteem and mood disorders, like anxiety or depression.

What testing options are available to diagnose ADD and ADHD?

The team at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC offers diagnostic testing for diagnosing ADD and ADHD and provides a comprehensive questionnaire for you to complete at the start of your appointment.

To assess symptoms, the team reviews your answers and may further discuss your child’s behaviors at home, at school, and during other activities. They may request additional information from your child’s teacher, coach, or other caregiver.

To rule out underlying medical conditions, the team may perform a physical exam and review your child’s health history. They may request additional diagnostic tests, such as blood work, to evaluate your child’s overall health.

What treatment options are available for ADD and ADHD?

If your child’s symptoms indicate a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD, the team at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC may initially refer you to a specialist for behavioral or other therapy. They may also recommend resources for you to learn how to parent a child with ADD and ADHD.

Depending on the severity of your child’s symptoms and how much they interfere with their daily life, the team may recommend medications to better manage ADD and ADHD.

To learn more about available treatment options for ADD and ADHD, schedule a consultation with Penguin Pediatrics PLLC online or by phone.

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