When to Schedule a Sick Visit and When to Go to the ER

When to Schedule a Sick Visit and When to Go to the ER

A sick or injured child is always a cause for worry. You want prompt, expert care, but that doesn’t always mean you have to head to the emergency room. 

A sick visit, such as those offered by our pediatricians at Penguin Pediatrics in Ashburn and Stone Ridge, Virginia, provides high-quality attention to your child’s medical needs without the long wait times and high expense.

In some dire cases, however, a visit to the ER is necessary. Here are some things to consider when determining the best place to take your child for medical care.

Head to the ER if...

The emergency room is the place to go when you need rapid or advanced treatments. Contact 911 or take them to the ER if your child:

If you fear your child has an injury or health issue that may be life threatening, don’t hesitate to seek immediate care -- especially if it’s after normal business hours. 

Schedule a sick visit when…

Penguin Pediatrics has same-day sick visits available every weekday during normal hours. Sick visits are appropriate when your child has an illness or condition that’s concerning, but that can wait a few hours for care. 

The types of issues we see during sick visits include: 

At a sick visit, we provide your child with an expedient diagnosis and treatment so they can get back to feeling better quickly. We can order blood work and urinalysis as needed to help with diagnosis. If your child requires more advanced diagnostic tests, like ultrasound or X-rays, we can arrange their appointment with a qualified specialist.

We provide prescription medications and other treatments to help your child feel better from bacterial infections or severe pain. If your child needs a few stitches, wound care, or a splint, schedule a sick visit.

Your child doesn’t even have to be THAT sick

Even if your child has just a few concerning symptoms, like a mild fever or a sore throat, schedule a sick visit. We can intervene before their illness worsens and help them reverse course quickly. We can also give you recommendations as to whether your child needs a COVID-19 test. 

It’s especially important that you schedule a sick visit if your child is younger than 1 year old and has diarrhea, a high fever, or vomiting. Young children are at a greater risk of dehydration and other medical complications.

Our team of providers at Penguin Pediatrics offer comprehensive care for your child. If you’re concerned about your child’s illness or injury, call one of our offices in Stone Ridge or Ashburn, Virginia, or use the online booking tool to make an appointment for a sick visit. Explain your child’s symptoms when you call so we can advise you to seek ER care if necessary.

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