Well Child Visits

You don’t have to wait until your child is sick to take them to a pediatrician. At Penguin Pediatrics, we offer well child visits for regular check-ups for children.

When children are young, they grow and develop very rapidly. That means it’s extremely important that they are coming to our pediatric office for routine appointments for wellness care. During these visits, we monitor their development and evaluate their overall health. These appointments are also an excellent time to ask Dr. Kodu any questions that you have about the health of your son or daughter. With decades of experience, Dr. Kodu is happy to help parents with any concerns they have.

Wellness Checkups For Children in Ashburn VA

Our well child checkups consist of a complete examination to assess your child’s growth, development, and to spot potential issues before they have a chance to fully develop. The pediatrician will record their height and weight, and possibly do hearing and vision screening also.

Well-child visits are important for all children, even if they appear healthy. There may be areas of their health that can be approved upon, or underlying medical conditions that aren’t exhibiting symptoms at the moment. Some parents like to think of wellness checkups as preventive care.

Child Well Check Schedule

At Penguin Pediatrics, we recommend the following wellness schedule for parents:

  • Newborn Physical- The day after your child is born please call the office to schedule an appointment. Your child will be seen within 24 hours of discharge from the hospital.
  • 2 Week Physical
  • 1 Month Physical
  • 2 Month Physical
  • 4 Month Physical
  • 6 Month Physical
  • 9 Month Physical
  • 12 Month Physical
  • 15 Month Physical
  • 18 Month Physical
  • 2 Year Physical
  • For ages 2-21 your child will receive one physical per year

If your child is sick in between wellness checkups or is exhibiting symptoms of developmental problems, please schedule a visit with our office as soon as possible.

The best time to start scheduling well child visits is during your pregnancy. This gives you a chance to get familiar with your pediatrician and prepare for the newborn physical. But we are more than happy to start well child checkups even after birth as well. Simply call our office at 571-223-2229 to schedule a wellness checkup in Ashburn VA today.

Under Patient Forms you will find a questionnaire section. If your child is scheduled for a well check, please fill out all questionnaires pertaining to your child.