Sports Physicals

Organized sports are a fun way for children and teenagers to learn valuable skills and also get exercise. In order for children to participate in organized sports, they are required to get a sports physical. Penguin Pediatrics offers sports physicals for children and teens in Ashburn, VA.

We all know that playing sports helps keep kids fit and active. It is also fun way for them to socialize and make friends. You might not know why it is necessary for kids to get sports physicals at the beginning of their sports season. Sports physicals are used to examine a child’s overall health and fitness level. We check to see if there are any potential issues with their health that could put them at an increased risk of injury while they participate in basketball, football, soccer, baseball or any other sports. This is a different examination than a school physical.

Sports Physicals in Ashburn, VA

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of your child is our top priority during our physicals, so we are as thorough as possible during the exam. We recommend getting sports physicals completed 6-8 weeks before the season is set to begin. This way, in the event that we find a potential issue that is treatable, we will have time to address it in time for your child to participate when the season starts.