Hearing and Vision Screening

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends hearing and vision screen starting from 3 years old, and continuing annually. At certain schools in Northern Virginia, parents are required to have these tests done before being enrolled. Having your child’s hearing and vision tested will also help them in school and other areas of their life.

Children with impaired hearing or vision may struggle to see the board in school or hear their teacher. For younger children, they may not be aware of their issues, so it’s vital to get hearing and vision screening in Ashburn VA every year so that they are in the best position possible to succeed.

Hearing and Vision Testing in Ashburn VA

At Penguin Pediatrics, we perform hearing and vision screening for children in Ashburn VA. For our screening, we examine the child’s visual acuity and any issues or damage in their ear.

Monitoring your child’s hearing and vision yearly allows us to detect issues early on, and potentially save them from developing serious hearing problems later on in their life. We keep records of all of their past screenings so we can compare them and monitor if they are improving or developing an issue.

After our screening, if we find any problems with their hearing or vision, Dr. Kodu can help you figure out what the next step will be. There are several options to help children with hearing or vision impairments live normal lives with minimal interruptions. You can schedule your first appointment for hearing and vision screening in Ashburn VA by calling Penguin Pediatrics at 571-223-2229.